We are one of the largest provider of self-storage in the Tri-County area, we strive to be the best! We pledge the best service, quality, competitive prices and the most convenient locations in the area.


We provide the river region with the best service and storage options for securing your personal belongings. We are always striving to improve our offerings to our customers and have just recently added U-Haul equipment and moving supplies. Come see how we treat our customers as family!


The Store All Family of self storage units was founded in 1995 by Marion and Troy McClendon. The first location was in Millbrook followed by Deatsville, Autuaga Station, Airport and Highway 14 (Prattville). We are honored to be your provider of self storage and appreciate your business. Please feel free to stop by our Corporate headquarters at Autuaga Station for more information.


Why Choose The Store All Family?

The Store All Family is truly a family run and operated business that lives where you live and supports all aspects of our community.

Being locally owned and operated means the money you spend with us stays in our community, unlike the national chains. When you support a small business like The Store All Family you are strengthening our home town.  We give back, we believe that by supporting the community we operate and live in we are all going to benefit! A few of the things we do locally…supporting the YMCA for summer scholarships for children that would otherwise not be able to attend summer camp, we also sponsor kids for summer school that could not otherwise attend. We Love to sponsor all types of athletic teams. Stanhope Elmore’s softball and baseball teams, Millbrook’s League softball and baseball teams. We are huge supporters of other locally owned businesses. We feel like a strong community only helps bring us all together and makes us all that much more successful, and by supporting The Store All family you are helping do just that!

Folks, again I want sincerely thank you for choosing to store your valuables with The Store All Family and want you to know how much we appreciate you, our customer. Without you… we wouldn’t be here and we know it! I want to wish you all the best in the upcoming year and if there is anything we can do to help you out please let us know!

Check out some of the pictures of our teams we sponsor, we have just started to upload them to our website so check back for updates!


William Troy McClendon Jr.


The Store All Family, LLC.

Gaining Free Space for the Holidays

Gaining Free Space for the HolidaysThanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are holidays when friends and family gather to celebrate. It’s a great time but a crowded house can be a problem that makes the event a little less enjoyable.

And what about the Christmas tree, presents and loads of food that take up space? The answer isn’t difficult. Free up space by using a storage unit.

Start in the living room. An end table, coffee table or other item not required during the holidays can be stored. This provides room for the decorations while freeing up more space for visitors.

Bedrooms can be used to free up space, too. Clear out unnecessary items. An uncluttered bedroom is a pleasing place for putting all coats, hats and purses in one convenient spot. Read More

Lowering Stress for the Holidays

Christmas and New Years are holidays when friends and family gather to celebrate. It’s a great time but a crowded, cluttered house can be a problem that makes the event a little less enjoyable.

Work, a busy family, crowded stores and a cluttered house are all sources of stress. And what about the Christmas tree, presents and loads of food that take up space? The answer isn’t difficult. Free up space by using a storage unit.

The Store-All Family has simple tips to help keep what you want while reducing clutter. You’ll need storage containers/boxes, a rented storage unit to put items, and a desire to make it happen. Anyone living with you should help with the project including the kids. Read More

Senior Citizen Declutter for Better Living

Senior Citizen Declutter for Better LivingDownsizing and decluttering for seniors might be due to moving but can also improve living without a move.

Seniors can take some of these steps on their own, but it’s likely a caregiver will be involved. The threat of change, being told what to do, and the thought of giving up cherished items and memories can be very difficult for a senior. A caregiver should be sensitive even when insisting upon necessary changes. Discuss the reasons and goals.

A storage unit is a big advantage because many items will simply be changing locations. This is critical to avoid having to get rid of a lot of items that could otherwise be a reason for not proceeding with a downsize.

One way to begin is do a quick check of all items in the house, make a stack for throw-away, a stack for give-away or yard sale, and one for storage. Make a list of jobs to do later like install grab bars, repair a light fixture, etc. Don’t let these jobs delay the downsize. Read More


Store All PreppingPreppers are people who are prepared for survival during a natural or man-made disaster. They have food, clothing, water and other supplies needed for survival.

Some preppers have root cellars, basements, hidden rooms and sheds. However, a practical option for many, especially those living in towns and cities, is rental storage facilities.

We are not here to explain exactly what you’ll need in your supplies to survive a disaster. However, we can help with tips for storing these items so they will be in good shape if you and your family need them. Read More

Hunter’s Spring Cleaning & Storage

Hunter’s Spring Cleaning & StorageNeed to create space in your home, garage or carport? Getting complaints from your sweetheart about all your “huntin’ stuff” all over the place? There is a great solution. It’s off-site storage.

Not only will you make your sweetie happy, you too will enjoy the extra room. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your items are out of the elements and safely stored.

(1) Step one is to do a walk-around inventory of items you need to store. Figure how much storage you need, and maybe add a little extra for other things you you’ll find later that will store nicely with your hunting gear and equipment.

(2) Rent your storage facility. Read More

Tips & Ideas for Happier Storage

Tips & Ideas for Happier StorageStorage is what you make it. Stack too many boxes on top of each other and you have a collapse. Don’t plan how you place items and you’ll lose space. Keep piling stuff in without including an isle and you won’t be able to get to items in the back. Your storage unit is what you make it.

Make an inventory list of things you’ll store. It not only helps determine the size of the unit you’ll need but when you can’t find something, you’ll have a list of what items you have in storage. Plus, you have a list for insurance purposes.

Not all storage facilities are equal. Quality, convenience and price vary. Do your homework before making a decision. Visit them to see if you like the units and overall feel. Read More

Big Item Storage

Big Item StorageTake a look around your house, garage and outside areas. What are the biggest space-eaters you see? You are saying, “It’s where we always keep them.” Just because you keep items in a specific spot doesn’t mean it’s best for everyday living and maximizing your space.

Start in the garage. A snow blower is a great item but not in July. It, along with your emergency cold weather generator, take up a lot of room in your garage. They have to be stored but wouldn’t you have more room if they were not in the way during the off-season? Consider using a self-storage unit. Read More

Storage- The Perfect Small Business Solution

Storage- The Perfect Small Business SolutionYou work from home or have a place of business? A small business can take advantage of economical, off-site storage.

Working from home full-time or part time is a growing trend. The problem is your business can take over living and garage areas. You have to make a decision whether you keep your home and share a little space for working. Or, you let your home become a business place where you also live.

The type business determines the room you need. However, few home offices or workshops shrink in size. The business grows with more equipment, tools and supplies. They encroach upon living space. The key is to not lose your home or garage to your business. Enjoy your home and what it offers. Also, don’t kick your car out of the garage. Self-storage offers economical solutions to fit your needs and budget. Read More