Less Clutter, Less Stress

Work, a busy family, interstate traffic and crowded stores are all sources of stress. An overlooked place of stress is a cluttered house or apartment. Clothes are stuffed too tightly in the closet, boxes are stacked at the end of the dresser, a pile of mail is on the kitchen table and the infamous garage is packed with boxes instead of vehicles. We will always have some stress but our house doesn’t have to be one of them.


The Store-All Family has simple tips to help keep what you want while reducing clutter. You’ll need storage containers/boxes, a rented storage unit to put items, and a desire to make it happen. Anyone living with you should help with the project including the kids.


Plan for success by doing one room at a time so it won’t seem overwhelming. A bedroom is a good place to start. Each item goes into one of three places. One, everyday items stay put. Two, items used only once or twice a year, and off-season items, goes into containers for storage. Three, some items can be be discarded or donated. Your bedroom suddenly becomes organized. Everything is easy to find, less crowded and accessible. A crowded, cluttered bedroom has been converted into a room with a nice, livable atmosphere.


The idea remains the same as bathrooms, living room, kitchen, laundry and garage are attacked one at a time. The house becomes less cluttered and less stressful with each room that is de-cluttered and with each trip to the storage unit. You keep what you want and need, but drastically reduce house clutter.


Your house or apartment can be a more relaxed, comfortable and less stressful place to live with The Family Store-All solution. Visit or call them today for more tips, ideas.