Storage- The Perfect Small Business Solution

You work from home or have a place of business?

A small business can take advantage of economical, off-site storage.


Working from home full-time or part time is a growing trend. The problem is your business can take over living and garage areas. You have to make a decision whether you keep your home and share a little space for working. Or, you let your home become a business place where you also live.


The type business determines the room you need. However, few home offices or workshops shrink in size. The business grows with more equipment, tools and supplies. They encroach upon living space. The key is to not lose your home or garage to your business. Enjoy your home and what it offers. Also, don’t kick your car out of the garage. Self-storage offers economical solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Small business owners with a rented or owned building can face similar crowding problems. Any growth and you need more room for an extra employee, more inventory to sell, more area to package and ship, and so on with each item requiring extra space. The cost-per-square-foot of business space isn’t cheap. Self-storage can be an economical way to keep your current building while growing your inventory. Store-All can become your storage area and it can be more active as an area for boxing or inventory. Options are unlimited.


As you can see, self-storage isn’t just for moving or storing personal items. Self-storage can be an outstanding option for a small business owner whether working from a place of business or from home. It offers additional square footage so you keep items you want nearby without taking all the space you need for living and working comfortably. You get expansion without overcrowding.


Call Store-All. We can help you with ideas, tips and solutions for your business needs.