Why Choose Climate Control Storage?

Standard storage and climate control storage are two options you’ll want to consider.

Standard is less expensive and is an excellent choice for many items. However, when heat or humidity can deteriorate an item the climate control option is the better option.


In general, climate controlled means that temperatures are kept in a range of temperatures, usually around 65 degrees up to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The constant temperature range keeps the environmentally sensitive items from being exposed to extremes.

Climate control storage also means humidity will be less of a problem and dust will be reduced. Obviously, any contained, lockable storage building will help protect it from theft.


So why choose climate control? Here are a list of items that could benefit.


Group 1: Electronics. Computers, Cameras and Other Electronic Equipment can be damaged by heat, cold and humidity. These items require critical care. CDs and most associated audio/video equipment fall into this group, too.


Group 2: Furniture, Clothing, Books and Paper need climate control. Anything cloth or paper is subject to absorbing moisture. Molding soon follows destroying valuable and important items. You don’t want precious family history destroyed.


Group 3: Art, Photos, and Antiques. Items that can’t be replaced should be treated with care. Along with proper boxing and packaging, a controlled climate helps preserve your belongings. We sell boxes, tape, packing supplies including bubble wrap. It’s critical to pack precious items correctly.


Group 4: Other Items. Any item of value that you want to stay in a safe climate. Different materials including leather that will be in better shape if stored in a stable, sun-free environment.


Climate control is a safe environment for all items and is critical for sensitive items. Are your possessions worth it? Call Store-All for more information or to ask questions.


Final Tip: No matter what you store it’s a good choice to purchase insurance. For only a few extra dollars a month you can have peace of mind. If it’s worth storing it’s worth insuring!