Big Item Storage

Take a look around your house, garage and outside areas.

What are the biggest space-eaters you see? You are saying, “It’s where we always keep them.” Just because you keep items in a specific spot doesn’t mean it’s best for everyday living and maximizing your space.


Start in the garage. A snow blower is a great item but not in July. It, along with your emergency cold weather generator, take up a lot of room in your garage. They have to be stored but wouldn’t you have more room if they were not in the way during the off-season? Consider using a self-storage unit.


Other items you may find include gardening tools, snow shovels, leaf blower, camping equipment, lawn mower, and boxes of stuff you don’t know where else to put. Seasonal items, like a snowblower in the winter, can be placed in one spot in the garage. Other items not being used on a regular basis can go in self-storage. Alternate items seasonally.


Your house probably has more items you don’t think about. For example, one or two rooms have an extra chair or two…more than you need. You have three great-looking end tables with each having a special meaning to you. Put one of the end tables in self-storage then periodically alternate it with another one so you get to use them all but you create more space in your living room.


Bedrooms are the quickest to accumulate clutter.

Do your closets have plenty of room to hang more clothes, put another pair of shoes and hide a special present for Christmas? If not, make a donate pile, use-now pile and a storage pile for off-season items. Box everything for storage, carefully mark them for easy retrieval and take them to your self-storage unit. Deliver your donate items. You’ll immediately have more room in your bedrooms.


A piece of furniture, old items you want to save but are not using, and other items are space-eating things you’ll find throughout your house when you search with de-cluttering eyes.


Store the bicycles, snowblower, chairs and other large items into storage. When you need them they are still available.


Store-All will help you pick the right size storage unit for you so you can get your large items, including big boxes of smaller stuff, out of the way. They have packing supplies, too. You’ll have more space to live, work and play.