Hunter’s Spring Cleaning & Storage

Need to create space in your home, garage or carport?

Getting complaints from your sweetheart about all your “huntin’ stuff” all over the place? There is a great solution. It’s off-site storage.


Not only will you make your sweetie happy, you too will enjoy the extra room. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your items are out of the elements and safely stored.


(1) Step one is to do a walk-around inventory of items you need to store. Figure how much storage you need, and maybe add a little extra for other things you you’ll find later that will store nicely with your hunting gear and equipment.


(2) Rent your storage facility.


(3) Preparation. Store-All Family Storage owner, Troy McClendon, says, “One step many sportsmen skip is getting everything in good condition before storage. Your ATV, for example, needs to be washed, cleaned, oiled, greased, gas drained or add a fuel stabilizer, and so on. The same with a tree stand. Clean, paint if needed, check cables, chains, bolts, straps getting it in perfect condition. Hunting clothes need to be washed in scent-free detergent and placed in plastic bags and/or containers to keep them clean and scent free. Having everything ready to go keeps items in their best condition and you’ll have a good feeling all summer knowing you’re ready to hunt this fall.”


Storage can include ATV, trailer, tree stands, hunting clothes, all the miscellaneous stuff including calls, rattles, seats, camo, coolers, ropes, and camping gear.


McClendon says, “One last tip for storing is to use a piece or two of charcoal with all items in plastic buckets to keep them scent-free.”  Now is the time. Make the wife happy, give yourself more room and have all equipment together and ready to go this fall.  Check out Store-All Family locations in Elmore, Millbrook, Prattville and Deatsville.