Lowering Stress for the Holidays

Christmas and New Years are holidays when friends and family gather to celebrate. It’s a great time but a crowded, cluttered house can be a problem that makes the event a little less enjoyable.


Work, a busy family, crowded stores and a cluttered house are all sources of stress. And what about the Christmas tree, presents and loads of food that take up space? The answer isn’t difficult. Free up space by using a storage unit.


The Store-All Family has simple tips to help keep what you want while reducing clutter. You’ll need storage containers/boxes, a rented storage unit to put items, and a desire to make it happen. Anyone living with you should help with the project including the kids.


Plan for success by doing one room at a time so it won’t seem overwhelming.


A good place to start is in the living room. An end table, coffee table or other item not required during the holidays can be stored. This provides room for the decorations while freeing up more space for visitors.


Bedrooms can be used to free up space, too. Clear out unnecessary items. An uncluttered bedroom is a pleasing place for putting all coats, hats and purses in one convenient spot.


Overnight visitors will need a bedroom, too. Removing all the items that take up dresser tops and floor space will be appreciated. Freeing closet space is nice for hanging clothes and placing suitcases.


The dinning room table will be crowded so free space around it as much as possible. Some furniture can be removed during the holiday season. Any unnecessary items can be stored.


The kitchen is a busy, crowded holiday area. Take some time to remove items that will not be used. For example, you’ll need your big roaster, baking pans and serving dishes but the meat grinder, extra rolls of paper towels bought in bulk, and many other items can be temporally removed. This frees up space to place the cookies, pies and other foods that need space.


Holidays are a time when space is valuable. Free up living space to give you more room and less stress during the holidays. The Store-All Family has the solution.