Senior Citizen Declutter for Better Living

Downsizing and decluttering for seniors might be due to moving but can also improve living without a move.


Seniors can take some of these steps on their own, but it’s likely a caregiver will be involved. The threat of change, being told what to do, and the thought of giving up cherished items and memories can be very difficult for a senior. A caregiver should be sensitive even when insisting upon necessary changes. Discuss the reasons and goals.


A storage unit is a big advantage because many items will simply be changing locations. This is critical to avoid having to get rid of a lot of items that could otherwise be a reason for not proceeding with a downsize.


One way to begin is do a quick check of all items in the house, make a stack for throw-away, a stack for give-away or yard sale, and one for storage. Make a list of jobs to do later like install grab bars, repair a light fixture, etc. Don’t let these jobs delay the downsize.


Take one room at a time. Maybe start with a bedroom, one that’s too crowded and closet is cluttered. Remove the extra chest of drawers and a night table. They go to storage along with a box of memory items, and miscellaneous closet items not being used. More items go to throw away and yard sale. Now, reorganize. It becomes easier to walk around the bedroom and nothing is on the closet floor or top shelf. Life becomes easier and safer.


Store-All owner, Troy McClendon, says, “Decluttering for seniors is very important. Many can no longer reach top shelves. It’s a struggle to reach the bottom shelves. Some items are trip hazards. I had to help with this process and it does make for easier, safer living. Keep sakes, family items and things with sentimental or monetary value can be stored without discarding. A yard sale with items that can be let go will often cover many months of storage.”


Senior citizen decluttering may not be a fun task, but when the quality and ease of life improves it’s worth the effort. To make it easier, long-term and senior discounts are available at The Store-All Family of self-storage.