Storage is what you make it.

Stack too many boxes on top of each other and you have a collapse. Don’t plan how you place items and you’ll lose space. Keep piling stuff in without including an isle and you won’t be able to get to items in the back. Your storage unit is what you make it.


Make an inventory list of things you’ll store. It not only helps determine the size of the unit you’ll need but when you can’t find something, you’ll have a list of what items you have in storage. Plus, you have a list for insurance purposes.


Not all storage facilities are equal. Quality, convenience and price vary. Do your homework before making a decision. Visit them to see if you like the units and overall feel.


Large units are often used to store a small trailer or boat. Check to make sure you have room to maneuver your tow vehicle and trailer to get it in and out. Store-All staff will help you with questions about special storage items and accessibility.


Use shelves. You can store more boxes and smaller items..


Quality boxes can be less expensive in the long run with better protection of items and better stacking. You’ll seldom regret spending a little more money to protect your valuables. (If boxes won’t stack or protect items, they are no value no matter how little you pay.)


Plan ahead. Place items you think you’ll need often, or first, near the door of your storage unit. It will make retrieving them much easier.


A little planning ahead goes a long way. Depend upon the Store-All Family to answer questions and help you get started. They also have packing supplies available.